“Phew! What a day it was! I can brand today’s journey as THE MOST THEMATIC JOURNEY till now” wondered Sahil before getting a paradoxical sleep. He is amazed by the fact that he has finally conquered Leh Ladakh. Sahil is one of those riders who like to go for long and invigorating rides. He likes to push hard his 500 CC “Indian heartthrob”—Royal Enfield Bullet. From the by lanes of Bengaluru to the beautiful NH-4; from the golden journey of Rajasthan to the green valley of Sikkim; he has added most of the breathtaking routes into his memories.

But he has faced a lot of issues with his machine during the journeys. Although his love for Bullet is inevitable, he sometimes desires for more power and torque, reliable braking and buzz-free ride. His desire to add a new bike, in his garage, has lead to the regressive research on internet. While doing the research, he has felt the urge to share his technological wisdom on the internet. But he has got one demonic problem—hesitation. He is skeptical about his writing skills. He fears of being judged on his technical and writing skills. He gave up his idea of writing blogs on bikes and continued being a spectator rather than a performer.

 Many talented riders and bike enthusiasts share similar stories. Even I was the same. I am a bike enthusiast and read a lot about bikes. I follow most of the leading automobile publishers; some of them are PowerDrift, Autocar India and Motorcyclist. But I had the same issue; I was cynic about my writing skills. Then one day, in a different context, my mom said, “if you fear of taking risk in life, you have to settle for the ordinary.’ Boom! My brain starts repeating the same quote. I have started scribing my bike outlooks. Even though I still have grammar and phrasing issues, I really can’t halt myself from sharing my wisdom.

The Nerd Talks gives you the opportunity to lose yourself from any reason that stops you from being a writer. TNT supports you and acknowledges your work. Every effort of yours is precious to TNT. You send your write ups to TNT and TNT will review it first. The editors in TNT will guide you to make your “art” more abstract. After the nod from each side, TNT will publish your write-ups mentioning your name as the author. You can also provide your contact details, personal and/or social, on the page. There is also an opportunity for you to feature in the Meet Our Nerds section, if you write at least 5 articles.

TNT also desires for your feedback and suggestions on how it can make this platform better. You can contact TNT on the details mentioned in “Contact Us” page.

Ciao, Nerds!


Team TNT

If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word”—Margaret Atwood


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