Triumph, an iconic British motorcycle brand, is known for its multifariousness. The company, before 2007, was focused on tourers and modern classics. In 2007, the company challenged its Italian counterparts, such as Ducati and Benelli, when it launched Street Triple —an unconventional and a powerful roadster. The twin round headlamps and the aggressive design were attributes that were never seen before in British designs. The first generation Street Triple has 675 cc in-line, three-cylinders, 4-valve, liquid cooled and electronically fuel injected engine, which churns out a peak power of 107 PS at 11,700 rpm. It generates a maximum torque of 69.1 N-m, clocking at 9,100 rpm.


After four successful iterations across the years, Triumph has launched an all-new 2017 Street triple family. The line-up has three machines—Street Triple S, R and RS. The engine used in the line-up is developed from ‘Daytona’. A 765 cc capacity, 12-valve, in-line, three-cylinders, DOHC and the liquid-cooled engine produces a maximum power of 123 PS at 11,700 rpm, for the RS version. The S and R rated at 113 PS at 11, 250 rpm and 118 PS at 12,000 rpm respectively, produces less power than RS. The RS and the R version have been mounted with a larger air box, an improved exhaust system, a slipper clutch and a digital instrumentation system, while the youngest sibling, the S variant, misses out on most of them. The S version has a hybrid digital-analogue instrument panel, which does not disappoint you even in bright sunlight. All of them are equipped with the safety net of ABS. The RS and R versions are equipped with Showa suspensions, which can easily support the load during bumps and corners. In addition, all the siblings are equipped with switchable traction control that increases the safety quotient of the bikes.


The Triple family is a show-stopper when it comes to design and with the improvements it ranks among the best-looking bikes ever built. The line-up has sharper looks than its predecessor and has a ‘nose down focus attitude’, as explained by Triumph. The new bodywork and spilt seats add to the looks of the bikes. The new design improves the agility, cornering and provides a sportier look.

In addition to the three models, the company also offers two more variants—the low seat height version of R and A2 licence version. The low seat height version has a seat 30 mm lower than the standard variant. A2 licecse version has a smaller capacity 600 cc engine and will be available only in European markets.

Triumph has set a benchmark in the sub-litre class bike segment by launching the well-crafted and smartly engineered Street family. We can expect some rivals to up their game in the sub-litre class bike segment.


Team TNT


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