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In recent times, Blogs are one of the most unique ways to stay connected with the like-minded people and share thoughts with them. Blogging has now become way more than just as a hobby.

Here we are talking about technical blogs. There is a general perception among developers that they are not good at writing. However, it is true that blogging and programming are two different things. But, the present trend shows how developers who are least bothered about writing, are now trying to maintain their separate blogs.

According to a survey by Evans Data Corporation, United States currently has the largest number of developer population. By 2021, India is projected to have largest developer population.

The stats says it all. If these many developers start sharing their knowledge online then it will be very beneficial for beginners in the programming field.

Fun fact: Justin Hall created the first blog, At that time he referred it as his personal homepage. It was the year 1997 when the term “weblog” was coined.

Let’s have a look on few important reasons why a developer should consider writing blogs:

  • Improves your technical skills

A blog post requires a lot of deep thinking and research. Whenever a developer decides to write something it adds on to the pressure of not doing it wrong. During the process of blog creation, a developer has to go through a lot of research papers and concepts online. This ultimately enhances the technical knowledge and skills.

In order to write something, a developer needs to have a proper clarity about that. Blogging gives an opportunity to learn new technologies and frameworks, to present them to the blog readers. To stay on the top, most importantly a developer should learn how to market themselves to the companies and blogs does it for them.

  • Show Off your knowledge to Employers

For a developer, blogging could be another unique way to show off their programming skills. Creating a blog post requires a lot of in-depth knowledge and this is the perfect opportunity to show their skills to the people who are in search of quality developers.

Employers who are in search for developers first try to look for any website link or GitHub repository to validate developer’s experience. Similarly, blog works as an online portfolio of projects for developers.

Sometimes, a developer copy paste the code snippets of a working project around the web to show their relative work experience. If a developer is maintaining a blog then he/she must be able to explain and argument why the code is written in a particular manner.

  • Get In-depth understanding of concepts

Whenever a developer runs into trouble while coding he/she immediately turn towards Google for answers or StackOverflow community. This is one of the quickest way to solve problems. But in long run this affects the developer’s approach towards a problem.

But when a developer sits and write a blog then the case becomes total opposite. A blog requires a lot of in-depth knowledge about the concept therefore he/she has to think a lot about the particular problem. Blog certainly help developers in making developers good at teaching a concept. This ultimately helps in enhancing the explanatory power of developers.

  • Connect with other developers & seek opportunities

Blogs are certainly the best way to create network between the developers involved in different domains. It also gives a unique opportunity to get into the developers community and create contacts with them.

When a person writes something about technology then others will read the post, like it, comment on it, and ask questions. In this way, he/she will have some new connections and these new connections might be potential employers someday. A blog could play a major role by boosting a developer’s programming career.

  • Make money with Blogs

There are many developers who are making lots of money from their blogs. If a developer starts writing blogs with this intention then he/she will never be able to make it large. There are several parameters involved to make a blog eligible for earning. A blog having less number of monthly traffic will not able to earn.

Having said that, if a developer is spending most of his/her time to create something for the blog, then consequently a brand is being created which is having some value. If the blogs started getting enough traffic to generate some money, the brand value will be improved. Till then it is advised to write quality programming contents and keep on adding value to your brand.

Concluding Thoughts!

You are a developer. Great! Why you are so hesitant of writing? Millions of novice developers are out there whom you can mentor and create your own brand name. Don’t hesitate in unleashing your thoughts to the developers community.



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