Titanfall 2, every one of you would have heard about this action packed, story driven AAA title which was released back in October 2016, but only some of you might have bought or even played it till date. So what went wrong? What was the reason for the fall of Tifanfall 2?

Many might say the primary reason as being wrong release time, as it was going head-on against other blockbuster games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and surprisingly against EA’s own Battlefield 1. EA responded to this by stating that fan base for the Battlefield and Titanfall series were entirely different and would not collide with each other, they did not think this through, did they?

There was no other reason (except some people still thinking it was Xbox exclusive like its predecessor) other than bad release timing for TF2. As we have played the entire single-player through and a bit of multiplayer, we can strongly accept that it was better than the original, in almost every aspect.

It had single player campaign, which was entirely missed out from original, more Titans available in Multiplayer, more Customization options for both pilot and Titan, release of free DLCs, better gameplay and best of all, it was not an Xbox exclusive.

Now that we have said the reason for the under-performing sales of TF2, one might think is it still worth buying if you missed out? Ahmmm…well it depends. As we were playing the multiplayer, it was kind of hard to find players online on particular mode that we wanted to. However, there was no problem finding players in ‘Attrition’ mode, so it was kind of average experience for us in multiplayer, considering it had much more potential if there were more people playing it. (Oh and also, we had to wait for long matchmaking time before even entering game in multiplayer)

Focusing on single player, well it’s worth every penny, it’s as simple as that. You start off as class three rifleman Jack Cooper, an aspiring wanna-be pilot who is undergoing training under Captain Tai Lastimosa. Soon into the story, well we don’t want to spoil anything but you do get a Titan of your own under some unexpected circumstances, forcing Cooper to take on the role as pilot.

The story takes-off from then and will never disappoint you even a moment throughout the game. Pilot Cooper and the Titan will form a strong bond on the way while fighting against the enemies for resources and control of the Frontier planets. The graphics is top-notch, voice acting of both Cooper and the Titan makes you want to care about the characters, and constantly diverting storyline will make you hold on to your seats and of course intense gunplay and action are an eye candy for sure.

So is it worth buying? Like we said earlier, depends. Well if you ask us, the money you put on it is fair for the single player experience that you get, let alone the multiplayer (which is sure to stay on for quite some time from now). But if you are looking for some good time in multiplayer, well you will be bit disappointed, as you can save up and get something in the coming days. If you want to go ahead making the purchase though, we can assure you that it is worth it.


Posted by suhas_iyengar

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