Are you a small business owner and still don’t have a website for your services. If the answer is yes, then you are missing out a large number of audience. According to a 2017 survey by a research firm Clutch, Still 29 percent of Small businesses don’t have a website.

If you feel the number seems small then think again. There are almost 3.58 billion people using Internet today. Which means that there will be whole lot of people searching for the services that you must be providing. Just because you don’t have a website, people will might never come to about your services.

If business owners & entrepreneurs around the world still skeptical whether implementing a website is a good idea. It is the time for them to start off and break the inertia of inaction.

Let’s have a look on few of the benefits of having a website for small businesses:-

  • Improves credibility of your business

There are very few businesses who have done exceptionally well without having online presence. What if they had an online presence to show their services to majority of the audience. Its 2017, business owners can’t afford to be not visible in the search engine.

Adding to credibility of a business, there has been a study that more than 70 percent of consumers find company branded emails more credible than generic email accounts.

  • Increases Customer reach

Websites certainly help a business to expand its services and customer reach. There has been a common behavior observed that 9 out of 10 customers tune in to search engines to get help regarding local businesses.

Everyday Google processes over 3.5 billion searches and it might happen that a lot of queries are related to your services. Since, your business is not online you will not be able to reach to all the customers. A website will help your customers to visit the services and products listed 24/7.

  • Helps building an email list

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for offline businesses to collect leads and serve them services. Whereas, the situation is total opposite when we are talking about online businesses. Customers usually provide email addresses in the form of dropping a query or newsletters. In this way websites gets a whole lot of email addresses to whom they can showcase their business services.

  • Extensive coding or technical skills not required

Today people expect to see new marketing campaigns and information on a daily basis. The information such as service offered, business offered, and pricing can be edited instantly in small business websites.

There are a lot of website platforms such as WordPress present in the market today. There is not much coding or technical skills required to keep these websites updated. This kind of flexibility helps in keeping the customers attached to the products and services.

  • A business website is another marketing channel

A business gains a lot more attention of people if it is on the internet. A website then becomes a place to showcase the products and the services of a business. There are several ways to attract people to the website such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, blogging, and online advertising.


Posted by Abhishek_TeamTNT


  1. Excellent article! SEO is the effective option for the business owner to develop their onlie presence.



  2. I really like your blog.. very nice colors



  3. Nice article. I enjoyed reading and learning more about search engines. Thanks.



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