Million Arcs

A car just zoomed past on the wide screen before you even blinked. Next time, you made sure you saw watched the advertisement right from the beginning, and you actually did! Yet, there was barely much to clap your eyes on. It however became impossible for you to wipe the inanimate beauty off your mind, and there began your wait for more. Did it stir you? Well, “marketing” just happened!

A tiny, tile-sized box surfaced at one corner of the computer screen while you were unwinding at the end of a tiring day. A quick glance, and you saw some not-so-known language learning institute weakly trying to pique your interest on some of their courses. It got you more tired. You clicked the close button with all your energy and disgust. A few days later, someone asked you about any good website or institution for learning language. Not even for…

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