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Those who followed the Pied Piper, disappeared….

A newbie in the marketing field, trying to set your sails can be tough. Far more tough can be to resist digging up the treasure troves your competitors are seemingly guarding. Mimicking can be the deadliest temptation, and yes, you have to be careful not to fall straight into the trap.

Let’s for a wee second, jog your memory. Is the tale of six blind people going to see an elephant still fresh in your mind? Poor creature! What all did it not look like- a snake, a wall, a tree, a rope, a spear, a mat…and with god’s grace there were only six people. The magnitude of wild speculations aren’t this limited when it comes to the world of marketing. The blinds will try to debate less and simply follow the other blinds. For the time being, let us simply try to…

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