Have you ever been in a state of confusion? Huh! What a moronic question it is! Obviously yes! I am so confused that I can’t decide between a pair of black trousers and camouflage shorts, a bowl of oatmeal and a burger filled with overflowing cheese and mayonnaise, workout and sleep, juice and tequila, and the inevitable list continues. When it comes to selecting between options, everyone gets confused. It happened with one of my friends also. He wanted to buy a two-wheeler, but was confused between scooter and motorcycle. Both of them have their own pros and cons. So, I took the ‘responsibility’ to help him to come to a decision. I started my research, made graphs and charts, did SWOT analysis, started my personal lab…..Wait! Again exaggeration!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you seven points you can use if you have the same dilemma.

  • Riding Ease

Scooter and motorcycles have a little different riding ergonomics. Scooters, in general, have comfortable seating positions when compared to motorcycles. For a new learner, scooter is the easier option. These days scooters come with automatic transmission, which makes ‘life comfortable’ for riders. Scooters are highly preferred by females as they (females) can ride wearing any dress; it’s tough to ride a motorcycle while wearing a saree or a gown. While, motorcycles comes with different riding ergonomics; offers a wide range of options to riders. They have manual transmission, which has many advantages over automatic one. Some of the advantages are high reliability, low fuel consumption and better handling.


Who said girls can’t ride bike?

(Source: sareedreams.com)

  • Fuel efficiency

Motorcycles beat scooters in terms of fuel efficiency by just 10% of margin. The clutch used in automatic transmission tends to slip and reduce fuel efficiency of scooters.


(Source: nowrunning.com)

  • Handling

Handling of a two-wheeler depends on the factors like maneuverability, cornering, wheel stability and response to braking. Scooters have better maneuverability because of shorter wheelbase. Motorcycles perform better while cornering, especially at high speed. Scooters have smaller wheels as compared to motorcycles, which makes scooters less friendly for rough terrains and the roads with potholes and bumps. Avoid buying scooters if your city roads have deep potholes and/or high bumps. Braking response is equally good in both the machines; motorcycles handle them well during hard braking.



  • Speed

Motorcycles are the obvious winner in this segment. Motorcycles also have high acceleration than that of scooters due to gearing options.

  • Nature of commuting

Scooters are only meant for city commuting, but motorcycles are more versatile. Motorcycles can handle almost every terrain meant for riding.

  • Price

For the same engine capacity and power figures, scooters are costlier than motorcycles.

  • Genre

Bikes are available in multiple genres (based on riding ergonomics), but it’s not the case with scooters. Scooters do not offer different riding ergonomics. They are characterised only on the basis of engine capacity. For more details on riding ergonomics visit my blog 5 things to keep in mind before buying a motorcycle.

 I, literally, patted my own back and handed the “seven points” to my friend. After going through the points, he became more confused than earlier and awarded me an array of curse words. Then I asked his requirements. He needs a two-wheeler for daily needs and has to carry a good amount of stuffs. Shit! I forgot the 8th point.

  • Load carrying capacity

Scooters have a big advantage over motorcycles; it can carry a lot of loads. Scooters have a compartment below the seat and often have flat spaces between foot rests for riders. Motorcycles don’t offer this privilege.


(Source: drivespark.com)

Finally, we came to conclusion. He needs a bike that can carry load, easily manoeuvre through the city traffic, easy to ride, and the city does not have scary potholes. I recommended him to buy a scooter. “See! So easy it was!” I told my friend. This time I got a better award. A flying shoe!

This is one of my stories, folks. I hope I have covered all the points that can help you to select between scooter and motorcycle. If I missed any point, please put that in the comment section below. Don’t worry! I will not pass that information to my friend. I have enough of “awards”.

Ciao Nerds!


Team TNT


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