Million Arcs

A managerial role is as menacing as it is rewarding. At this rung of the organizational ladder, you have your own share of perks and troubles, the boundary is often porous. As you steadfastly hold on to your responsibilities, there can be a plethora of things, good to say “problems”, you are overlooking. Due to the granular size and nature of these problems, they do not meet your eyes, but keep growing. It is only when things attain a cyclonic proportion that you finally stir up and try to find the root cause, little realizing that you are the very source of all that has transpired.

Doing justice to your role, you might have undermined the roles of your employees. Don’t be surprised if your employees have already started seeing you as a “micromanager”. You have earned yourself the tag.

Globewide studies show that the managers, in many cases, are…

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