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“The wheel will roll only if you push”

An industry wide survey by the Harvard Business School in the year 2014 had around 600 managers answering the question- “What motivates your employees?” For the researchers Amabile and Kramer, it was a shock to learn that 95% of the managers were unaware of the actual employee motivators and answered the question wrong. The same research group carried out a thorough analysis of the diary entries of 12,000 employees regarding workplace motivation factors. It was found that “money” was not the foremost and sole motivational determinant, unlike what their managers fathomed.


The years that followed saw a minimal uplift in workplace motivation, even in some of the reputed organizations. A study by the organization Interact in 2016 with 1000 respondents established that a shocking 63% of the employees feel demotivated at work due to a stark absence of appreciation and recognition by…

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