Month: January 2018

Top Five Upcoming Games of 2018

The Last of Us – Part II The blockbuster hit and launch title for PS4 is getting a sequel and is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2018. Set 5 years after the […]

Types of Frames of Bikes

What if our body would not have a skeleton? The body would not have existed. It would be the same case with a motorcycle. A motorcycle would not exist without having a frame (or chassis). […]

Fitness Vs Weight Loss

Well! We have entered in 2018. New Year comes with new resolutions. “This year I have to lose my weight” always stays at the top of the list of resolutions. Good! It should be! But […]

Kawasaki Vulcan S— Greek God with Japanese Soul

“Vulcan”, in Roman mythology, is the god of fire. The god also symbolizes the flames of volcanoes, forging and metal working. You might be wondering why I am discussing all these for a bike! We […]