Well! We have entered in 2018. New Year comes with new resolutions. “This year I have to lose my weight” always stays at the top of the list of resolutions. Good! It should be! But there is something wrong with the resolution. We vow to “lose weight”. We think if we lose weight, we will be healthier. We think if we lose weight, we will be more lean and attractive. Yeah! Thinking is free.

What if I would make a statement, “Losing weight does not necessarily make you fit.”? You would laugh and say it’s a paradoxical statement. But sorry dear! I am absolutely correct. A human body, macroscopically, made up of bones, muscles, fat, and water. Losing any of these elements will lower your body weight. Out of these four, fat is considered to be the “Villain”. So, let me ask you one question? How can you make sure that the weight you are losing or have vowed to lose will be only fat? Ok fine! Females would say that why would they need to have muscles. “Muscles make a girl look manly!”

There are many misconceptions related to fitness that have groped millennials. If we start discussing all these, this blog will run out of space and we will run out of patience. I will present you some idea that explains why you should not be getting confused with “weight loss” with “fitness”. All these information I am sharing with you are gained through self-experiment and study on the internet.

Let me explain you with a story, a story of two different persons (Mike and Jacob) having the same weight (90 Kilograms) and same height (178 centimeters). Mike is a couch potato, but Jacob is an active person. Mike likes to have soda with every meal, but Jacob avoids having packaged foods. Mike does take a gym membership on every January 1st, but after two or three days bed doesn’t let him go to the gym for the next 362 days. While Jacob sometimes even cut down his expenses to get a gym membership and work-out worth every penny. Again Mike wants to be fit and came to the gym for the membership. Jacob also came at the same time at the same gym. Mike and Jacob weigh same again, but Mike has a body fat percentage of 30 % and Jacob has a body fat percentage of 15%. Would you still believe weight determines your fitness?

Fitness actually depends on the following factors:

  1. Body Fat Percentage: Lesser the body fat you have, fitter you would be. That doesn’t mean you can have a zero body fat percentage. For a normal person, an ideal body fat percent should range from 10% to 17% for males and 17% to 24% in females. It does not matter even if you are 100 kilos, you are fit if your body fat percentage is in check. You can use a body fat caliper to check your body fat.
  2. Body Muscle Content or Percentage: The more muscle you gain, the more fat you would lose. Muscles increase the fat burning metabolism of the body. Ladies, please DO NOT BELIEVE THAT GAINING MUSCLES WOULD GIVE YOU A MANLY LOOK. Instead, weight training gives ladies the desired shape they want. Top models and actresses do weight training. The density of muscle is much more than fat, which helps in gaining the desired shape of the body.

3. Cardiovascular strength or Stamina: A cardiovascular exercise or a cardio strengthens human heart. Therefore exercises like running, cycling, swimming, and HIIT should be kept in your exercise schedule. Stronger heart builds a healthy body. Some exercises in Yoga also help is building cardiovascular strength.

4. Flexibility: This is the factor most of us avoid, most of the time unintentionally. A flexible body is less prone to injuries and packs more muscles. Yoga includes many exercises that help in increasing flexibility of the body.

In my opinion, we should never measure our fitness on any scale. We should make sure that we should stay active, do regular exercise, eat home-cooked foods, have proper sleep, stay tension free, drink enough water and sleep well. Sustainability in fitness should be considered more important than short-term goals.

Posted by Shantanu_TeamTNT

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