We have heard a lot about artificial intelligence in 2017. But, 2018 is going to be the year where artificial intelligence future will grow more compared to 2017. AI technologies will continue to grow and it is vital for organizations to maintain close collaborations and contract with those technologies to stay on the cutting edge. “From autonomous drones to AI-powered medical diagnostics, 2018 will see the needs of AI expand beyond research as companies bring these solutions to market,” said Julie Choi, head of marketing in the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel.

IDC predicted that by 2018, 75% of developers will use AI services in their applications. Not just the year 2018, but the growth of AI will be the news item of the next generations. Here are 10 ways that predicts how Artificial Intelligence in 2018 will begin to grow and face challenges in the enterprise context.

AI builds strong relationship in businesses

It is a fact that F2F communication improve relationships both in personal life and businesses. We will see the crucial role of AI in building relationships among customers, partners and colleagues in the year ahead. This is done by integrating facial recognition technology with remote collaboration tools that allows a meeting host to support their conversation if required, and notify more valuable post-meeting follow-up.

AI-powered services will be used in B2B sales process

Machine-guided algorithms will play a vital role in analyzing and automating the opportunities, which is a better and faster way of discovering hidden growth opportunities. This will help sales teams to find hidden possibilities across their accounts, notify them to avoid possible losses, demonstrate recommendations for likelihood. This will improve the adoption of AI-powered sales and pricing tools in 2018 and beyond.

AI will increase the number of jobs

Gartner predicted that by the year 2020, 2.3 million jobs will be created by Artificial Intelligence. Probably, 2018 will be the year that creates numerous jobs and opportunities of AI. Alex Jaimes, head of R&D at DigitalOcean said that enterprises will employ a large number of AI professionals to advance the benefits of AI and Large-scale enterprises may hire Chief AI Officers who will direct how AI can be incorporated into firm’s existing strategies and products.

AI will make the medical operations more easier

In the year 2018, we will see increase in the adoption of AI in healthcare as well that may change the way patients undergo and the way doctors work, on a global scale. By the end of this year, most of the healthcare organizations will adopt Artificial Intelligence within their diagnostic groups. We will see solutions for clinical specialties and hospital operations quickly with the adoption of AI in the diagnostic medical specialties first.

AI techniques will solve tricky engineering problems

In this year we are likely to see the application of AI techniques to solve complex engineering problems that enterprises face in certification, design and testing of engineering products. It improves the power of human decision making with the help of knowledge management platforms and utilizes historical data that clarifies the problems, which may not be solved with standard engineering techniques.

AI based cyber attacks are coming

Organizations will see Artificial Intelligence as a cybersecurity threat in malware, as it has the ability to make certain decisions that help attackers to hack. This year we are also expected to see cyber attacks on an AI algorithm along with the AI-powered devices.

Today, hackers are using AI technologies that benefits them not only penetrate into IT infrastructure, but remains on the same network for months, possibly years, without getting detected. At a recent Black Hat cyber-security conference, 62 out of 100 industry experts said that the first Artificial Intelligence enhanced cyber threats could come within the next 12 months.

AI helps to prevent cyber attacks

In this year, cyber-security experts should keep a track of new Artificial Intelligence prevention technologies that provides more security against modern attackers. 87 percent of US cyber-security experts said that their enterprises are currently using AI technologies to overcome the cyber-security threats. AI systems with plenty of benefits helps cyber-security experts in analyzing the cyber attacks and protecting the organization.

AI helps to cause cyber attacks and helps to prevent cyber-security as well while it can help organizations to protect data and at the same time it also offers a new tool for hackers to attack.


Almost all the businesses in the future requires Artificial Intelligence. AI will become more productive and explored ahead of this year. Hopefully, 2018 is going to be the year where developers and researchers will continue to develop Artificial Intelligence technology to the most advanced stage to make computers capable of performing extraordinary things.

2018 AI predictions will help you to plan and get best results in your daily life and businesses. Get ready to use this technology and get more from your business and life in 2018.


Posted by Abhishek_TeamTNT

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