“Dude! How can you have white rice? You are on weight loss diet. You would gain more weight if you do so.”, my friend exclaimed when I opened my lunch box in my office. I glanced towards him, smiled and hold back my attention to my dabba .  The rice, with mix vegetables curry and daal, was no less than a nirvana for me. I was flipping over the aroma of ghee coming out from daal. I asked him what he had brought for the lunch. He dauntlessly said, “ Bro! I am trying to stick to my diet. So, I have brought steamed brown rice, grilled vegetables, and boiled egg whites.” I giggled and asked if he likes the taste of the food he had brought and if the food would give him the comfort. He said, “I have to give up on taste and comfort if I want to cut my flab.” I smiled at him and brought back my attention to my food.  I was like him one year before but came across to one of the greatest dieticians in the world, Rujuta Diwekar.  I implemented her ideas on myself and got exceptional results and a happy life. All the bhashans I am giving to you have a strong influence of her preaching.

I finished my lunch and asked him to meet me after some time. I promised to give him a magic pill to lose weight. He agreed and came on time.  The conversation started between us.

“If eating white rice makes someone fat, our ancestors would be fat and out of shape. North-east India, South India, East India, West India, China and other South Asian countries have white rice as their traditional staple food. All of the dwellers from these areas would be fat. But, this is not the case.

Let me explain to you how white rice can bring you many health benefits in addition to weight loss. Yes! Yes! Yes! White rice can help you lose inches.

High in Lysine

Rice is one of the rare grains that have a high amount of an essential amino acid named lysine.  Lysine is not produced by the human body and has to be taken from an external source. Lysine helps human body in secreting High Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH helps in tissue growth and repair, maintaining insulin sensitivity, skin care, better digestion, deep sleep and many more. It is one of the most celebrated hormones in the bodybuilding industry. If you want to have a morning filled with energy and happiness, have rice for dinner, but don’t forget to have daal, or vegetable curry or non-veg with it. It would be a complete meal if you include desi ghee with rice and curry.

Brown Rice Vs White Rice

These day “fitness freaks” have found an alternative of rice: brown rice. Why brown rice? Brown rice is very high in fiber, low in glycemic index and blah blah blah. Do you know having a meal with too much of fiber disturbs the absorption of nutrients into our body? Brown rice is high on anti-nutrients. Having fiber more than necessary causes multiple health complications and even cancer. White rice when mixed with daal and cooked vegetables gives you an optimal amount of fiber needed for a happy stomach.

White Rice has Inositol

Inositol is responsible for many health benefits like treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, panic disorder, depression, anxiety, hair fall and even autism.  A person who has anxiety or depression is less likely to lose weight. A happy mind brings you a healthy body. If you want to be happy, calm and motivated towards your fat loss goal, stick to white rice.

Digestive Pill

Why our mothers give us to have rice when we fall ill?  Rice helps in the growth of probiotic bacteria in our gut, which helps to build a good digestive system.  Rice regulates the bowel system and reduces bloating.  An unhappy stomach spoils your fat loss targets and health. Don’t miss on this digestive pill.

Carbohydrates, Starch and Glycemic Index

Western countries say white rice is high in carbohydrates, starch, and glycemic index.  First talk about carbohydrates. The ones who say carbohydrates are evil and should not be eaten should go and study well. Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet. If I start discussing the benefits of having carbohydrates and loss of not having it, I would need another two or three hours for that. It does not mean you can go and have all carb food. Even too much of amrit is harmful. When rice is cooked, only 1/10th of starch is left and even that portion is necessary for our well being. In India, we don’t eat rice alone. We mix rice with daal, vegetable curries, non-veg, etc. This automatically brings down the glycemic index of the food. So, we don’t have to worry about that. Chill bro, have rice and enjoy life.

Some more benefits

Rice gives us more benefits like better skin, hair growth and aids digestion of other minerals like Vitamin D and Calcium. Rice also has methionine that helps in the breakdown of fat in the liver of a human body.

The best benefit I feel after having rice is that I feel calm, satisfied and happy. What more you can ask for?”

My friend told me he was a “riceholic” before he started his fat loss journey. What’s riceholic? He says he coined a word for the ones who are addicted to rice. Haha! That was funny!

So, I had to tell my friend how to have rice and still don’t become a riceholic.

Things to consider before binging on white rice

  • Do not have rice alone. Always mix it with daal or vegetable curry or non-veg.
  • Make sure you should have one or two tablespoons of desi ghee with rice.
  • Try to control your portion by avoiding any distraction during eating. Switch off or keep away all the gadgets from you. No newspaper reading and gossips should be done during a meal.
  • Always boil rice with excess water and drain that water in the end. Try to avoid cooking rice regularly in a pressure cooker.
  • Eat single polished rice and try to have the local variety of rice.
  • Be grateful for your food, enjoy every bite and eat as slow as possible.

I could feel the happiness in my friend’s mind but he refused to show that on his face.  Next day, he brought rice cakes with baked vegetables. Ah, God bless him!


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