When Sophia was unveiled to the world, everyone started anticipating that AI would be the biggest thing in the near future. Many scholars have warned of the adverse effects of AI, while some supported the technology. When I learned about Sophia and heard that she also got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia, I started wondering if a motorcycle can have this technology. I know I am not the first one to think so. Yamaha has started working on the concept, named Motoroid, and claimed that it can interact with its owner and other living creature. Honda has already unveiled a concept of the self-balancing bike, which also follows its master. Kawasaki has also promised to build an AI-based bike.

Since not much innovation has come on the floor, we can use our imagination and imagine how the machines would be if coupled with AI.

  1. Interaction with Human: I would be interesting to see how those machines would interact with a human. A human could talk with the machine and could also ask them to do some work. For example, if I can ask a bike to get parked by itself when I am in a hurry. The bike could tell me my riding styles and advice me on how to ride on a specific type of terrain.
  2. Safer Rides: Accidents happens mostly due to human errors. With AI, it might be possible to have more safety in bikes. The bike could warn the rider or could control itself in case of an emergency situation. If AI is included in every bike on the road, the bikes can be synchronized to know the relative position of the other bikes. This can help the bikes to get alerted before any collision happens between two bikes.
  3. Self Riding Bikes: We have seen Auto Pilot system by Tesla and Google Self Driving cars, but we have come across any self-driven motorbikes. We might find a bike in future that could drive itself on the road. This technology would help the ones who ride for long distance.
  4. Easy Maintenance: AI system in bikes can inform or warn the riders about any issue in bikes that are not visible or noticeable but silently harms bikes or causes a sudden breakdown.
  5. Anti-theft assistance: It’s not easy to steal a bike that has a brain and have a voice. The bike can identify a suspicious action near to it and inform his master about it. The bike can also warn the thief and can give him/her a non-fatal electric shock if needed.

Imagination does not have any limit and we can still imagine some more features that a bike with AI can have. Why don’t you guys share your ideas about the bikes with AI with us? Put your astonishing idea in the comment section below and share it on social pages.

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Posted by Shantanu_TeamTNT

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