Nowadays Augmented Reality has become an integral part of our daily life through communication, gaming, entertainment and most recently business. AR glasses and headsets are now used in logistics, retail, education, medical, education, manufacturing etc. The usage of AR technology is growing rapidly than expected in the enterprises context. Augment Reality enables off-site specialties, offers ‘see-what-I-see’ functionality to provide real-time experience and guidance to troubleshoot an issue.

Augmented Reality market size

AR technology is in the starting stage with a huge growth and has fascinated large investments by advancing industry growths. In 2015, the market size of AR was 640.2 million dollars and its scope of applications across several industries such as retail, automotive, and medical are anticipated to drive high growth over the forecast period. The below graph shows the AR market revenue from 2014-2024 by component.


Businesses using Augmented Reality

As the benefits of augmented reality in businesses are increasing day by day, most of the popular businesses are using AR technology and some of them are listed below:

  • E-Commerce

AR has seen a real and huge opportunity in eCommerce industry with its advancement through smartphones. Building AR based iOS and Android apps discovers new experiences for both online and offline shopping. Many enterprises are working on headset development that can provide projections into reality. AR headsets will help users in choosing the right outfits for them before they get them in hand. This reduces the number of purchases returns. As well as, it will also helps you in choosing furniture for your new home or new car color, testing new makeup on your face, and even understanding how complex products work. In this way Augmented Reality advances the eCommerce industry.

  • Manufacturing

AR technology is ideal for manufacturing organizations that can accelerate and facilitate the building tasks at the factory. Augmented Reality gives virtual work instructions that helps quality assurance technicians and assembly line workers in performing difficult tasks. Project managers can track the work progress through Augmented Reality markers on equipment in real time. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time by using plants and digital maps. Aiming a device into particular location presents how the components of a machine will suits the final construction.

  • Training and Education

Augmented Reality offers unlimited possibilities for learning and teaching process. Unlike the traditional training methods, a tutor or trainer can make learning new processes and concepts easier for students and trainees by using AR technology. This technology gives completely real physical and psychological experience and helps to get real virtual experience which can be implemented successfully in real life. Augmented Reality technology allows medical students to try their surgeries without the presence of injuring patients. Institutions can also improve the capabilities and skills of individuals along with educating them with the help of AR apps.

  • Travel and Tourism

Through new modes of gamification, storytelling, and visitor servicing Augmented Reality  supports tourism experiences. Tuscany+ was the first AR app developed in 2009 specially for tourism to improve visitor experience. AR can support visitors in their local languages, provides guides and maps for audiences, and show how the places that they wish to visit would appear in different seasons. AR with GPS mobile apps shows the directions and routes of the tourist desirable destinations, translate the street signs, and provides information about sightseeing.

Wrapping up

Though the augmented reality improves real world experiences through popular technologies, but still it is in early beginning stage. We will see its fast evolution and development with an increase in the number of tablets and phones and their extended functionality. With a constant rapid growth of AR app development, many businesses are looking to enter the market. Whether you are in the tech or fashion industry, it is necessary to know that augment reality is already making a massive impact across the world.


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