Meet Our Nerds

Shantanu Ghosh, Team TNT

Shantanu aka ‘Ghosh Babu’ is an author by profession and known for his mercurial nature. Even his decision of being an author was unplanned. A gym-freak, former badminton player, nutritionist (self-acclaimed), bike lover, cook, and comedian are some of the badges he likes to wear. He also likes to challenge himself with new things and doesn’t mind failing. His love for automobiles and gadgets started early during his graduation. He graduated in mechanical engineering in 2015 and currently working in a multi-national company as Subject Matter Expert. Shantanu developed a strong love for bikes when he was trying to learn riding bikes.

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25152302_1757131761021191_6394309304512880537_nAbhishek Gaurav, Team TNT

Presenting the next nerd- Abhishek, one of the co-founders of The Nerd Talks. At a fairly young age, he busied himself in his universe of gadgets and automobiles. From defeating his brother in Mario to indulging in tech nerd-offs in high school, Abhishek grew up with his flair for the “weird, off-the-herd, and a little nerd”. Mundane and mainstream aren’t his staples. A die-hard cricket fan, Abhishek also binges on every scoop of football . An ardent cinegoer, his leisure times are mostly filled with melodies from the 90s. Currently, he is pursuing a full-fledged career as a writer on technology and trends. With his nerd squad, Abhishek is on a mission to take the global gadget fandom to the next level.

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 Esha Panda, Team TNT

Here’s our next nerd, Esha! The tech-trend enthusiast indulges in painting, listening to music, reading novels and writing. Esha’s career cocktail has appetizing ingredients. Starting off as an Electrical Engineer, she dedicated a sizable chunk of her career as a software professional and later on, moved to the States to pursue a career in Electronics Engineering. She also had a good exposure as an instructor during her stay in USA. Esha finally breathed life into her career when she ventured into digital marketing, content management, technical writing and instructional design. Today, with a full-fledged career in content writing and digital marketing, Esha is only thankful to the tech-helipad that gave her the eagle’s eye view of what she is capable of.

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Aswathi, Creative Design Expert, Team TNT

Hey, I am Aswathi popularly known as lost Person. A designer by day ,human by night.  If getting lost in my thoughts was a legit profession i would be the richest person alive.  I am a “communication design” graduate with a specialization in advertising. Imagination and creation is the fuel to my fire. I also love gaming, movies, super heroes, books and music is my 6th sense. A ‘geek’ one might say in layman term? I am also a science enthusiast. My passion for art and fascination for science is what makes design my apt profession. After all “design is where science and art break even”.

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1958268_521595597958192_2107547710_nSuhas Srinivasan, Gamer, Team TNT

When it comes to gaming we pass our baton to Suhas Iyengar, our “gaming nerd”. Like many game maniacs, during his childhood, he started with simple but popular retro games such as Super Mario Bros and Galaga; but that was just the tip of an iceberg! He is now conquering the gaming world with his i7-4770k and GTX 1060 powered rig. He is into all kind of games; be it racing, action, adventure, RPG —you name them —he plays and conquers all of them. He wants to help other gamers by providing information on games they play (or want to play) and the hardware they use. He still plays Galaxian by the way…
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